My sole aim is to produce timeless and enduring work.

Taking up the game at fifteen, I loved everything about it. Demanding both skill and discipline, I relished the challenge the game offered. In those youthful years, all I wanted was to play the game well. As I grew older, I could imagine nothing better than golf as a career. I spent eight years learning all aspects of golf course maintenance and construction first as an assistant, then superintendent.

After securing a firm foundation in both areas, I began in association with a national design firm in 1986, responsible for the firm's West Coast expansion, contributing on sixteen courses. In 1993 I established my own design firm and five years later had a workload that required a staff of eight. Visiting many of the legendary courses in Great Britain and here in the States inspired me to take a more critical look at my work.

In 2001, I made the decision to focus on working with existing clubs rather than accept new design work. Each year, I work closely with three clubs on programs to improve their golf courses. My goal is simple with each program: To produce timeless and enduring work that honors the clubs that have hired me.